Android Native Testing

Testing Native Android Apps

What are Native apps? Native Android apps are apps built using the development SDKs provided by Google. Apps in the Google Play Store are primarily Native apps which can access device-specific features like accelerometers. Testing native Android apps can be a challenge. Unlike web applications, where Selenium WebDriver is the default choice for writing tests, mobile app testing frameworks are a different beast. Thankfully, the open source mobile automation framework Appium has re-implemented the WebDriver API, but for testing Android native Apps!

Testing Android native apps using Appium is extremely easy. You can simply initiate an Appium session using an Appium client, the same way you would initiate a WebDriver session using a WebDriver client. You can then use the Appium client library to write scripts that define the user behavior you want to automate. These scripts can be run whenever you want to test your automation. You can run them locally or against a cloud service like Sauce Labs. The advantages of running on Sauce Labs include not having to set up your environment with all the mobile SDKs required to run Appium tests, and being able to run your test suite in massive parallel for extremely fast execution and feedback.

Appium can run tests on emulators and real devices, and both are available as platforms on Sauce Labs as well.

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Check out our white paper on the difference between testing emulators and real devices, and when you should choose which kind of test!