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A rapidly expanding mobile app market means developers can't waste any time getting their product to market. Since the testing phase has traditionally been the most time-consuming, it makes sense to try and reduce the time that testing takes. By automating your mobile app tests, and running them in parallel with Sauce Labs' cloud-based testing service, you can dramatically reduce your testing time. Sauce Labs uses virtual machines (VM), and the Appium open source framework, to test your app on a variety of mobile emulators and real devices.

Sauce Labs is a world leading cloud-based app testing service. With clean VM's and secure tunneling with Sauce Connect, you can test your app quickly without sacrificing security. And by testing your app on mobile emulators and real devices you can be confident that a bug-free app will be ready for release.

Why choose Sauce Labs for mobile app testing?

  • No infrastructure to maintain – Easy installation and configuration for all your tests
  • Recordings - All testing sessions are recorded, and you can view the recordings and share them with other team members on your Sauce Labs account page
  • Live sharing - Invite team members to view your emulator session live and collaborate on your app testing
  • Pristine VMs and emulators - Every time you run a test session we run a clean VM / pristine emulator, to make sure your tests aren’t polluted by data from previous activity

Start testing your Android and iOS apps with Appium on Sauce Labs. Sign up for a free trial today!