Android Device Testing

Test Your Mobile Apps on Real and Simulated Android Devices

Looking to automate your mobile app testing for Android devices? Whether it's Android or iOS, mobile devices have a unique set of requirements. In order to get an error-free app to market, testing your app across all of the different devices that your users have is crucial. Manually testing your app is just too time-consuming and maintaining your own in-house testing environment is too costly. If this is sounding all too familiar, let Sauce Labs help by automating your app testing utilizing the power of Appium for mobile apps and Selenium for web apps.

At Sauce Labs, we maintain the most up-to-date versions of Android and iOS in our cloud-based testing platform which allows devs to test mobile apps automatically on Android emulators, simulators and real devices. Plus, by running your tests in parallel, you can save time on your development process without sacrificing coverage.

Why choose Sauce Labs for Android device testing?

  • Automated testing – Utilize Appium and Selenium to automate the testing of your mobile, native, and hybrid web apps.
  • Testing frameworks – Use virtually any open source frameworks such as Robotium and Calabash-Android to run automated tests on Sauce Labs.
  • Test Securely – With Sauce Connect, our TLS tunnel, your scripts and data are protected during testing.

Interested in getting started on your Android device testing? Get a free 14-day trial and start testing now!