Android Device Emulator

Android Device Emulator Provides Fast Results

Android phones represent the largest segment of the mobile device market so it's key that you test your app against them. Manually testing on a bunch of different Android phones and tablets is slow and error prone so how do you automate these tests to make them faster?  Well use Appium, the standard, open source framework for automating tests for native mobile apps and run your tests on a suite of Android emulators.  Emulators mimic the hardware and displays of mobile devices right on your computer so you don't have to buy and maintain a bunch of devices.  But supporting every emulator on your laptop or across your testing team is time consuming and this is where Sauce Labs comes in.  We have a deep selection of Android emulators.

Emulators help development teams:

  • Gain instant access for testing, no queues
  • Replace device labs and broaden your test coverage
  • Run responsive testing, checking all viewpoints and resolutions

Developers are exploring the latest tools to learn what’s right for their testing efforts. At Sauce labs, let us help you emulate your best site, from start to finish. Download the FREE whitepaper, today!