Android Browser Test

Accelerate Testing Cycles

Not so long ago, cross-browser testing meant firing up different versions of multiple browsers on your computer. Mobile is the future of the web, and you need to ensure your site delivers a consistent experience. With the fragmentation of Android across devices, manual testing can't cover all the test cases you need to investigate. For scalable mobile testing, that works with any language or existing framework; you need the right automated testing tools.

With Sauce Labs, developers can seamlessly test hybrid, native, as well as mobile web apps on real devices or emulators and simulators using Appium. You can run your mobile tests, in parallel, across platforms, in order to test more combinations.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Run Appium Tests across a wide variety of Android and iOS emulators and real devices.
  • Isolate defects earlier in the development cycle and reduce your time to market
  • Easily scale to speed up test cycles and increase capacity minus the hassle of managing infrastructure

With Sauce Labs, your developers are armed with automated testing capabilities that deliver quality software in record time. Learn more about running successful android browser tests with Sauce Labs – sign up for a free trial.