Android Browser Simulator

Android Browser Simulator for Mobile Devices

As the world moves to mobile devices, testing mobile apps across different mobile browsers is a must. Manually testing your app in each browser on each mobile device is a very slow and archaic process that can delay your release and allow bugs to slip through.  

For Android users, there are two ways to do manual testing:

  • run an emulator on your computer or
  • run through the user experience on a real Android device

A browser emulator creates a real world environment, allowing apps to function in real time and replicate user choices for evaluation. However, these don't capture the pixel by pixel rendering that only a real device can show you.  Ultimately, you will want to do your early testing on emulators and then perform final acceptance testing on a real device. Why not use Sauce Labs? We the latest Android emulators and real devices available in the cloud for testing 24 x7.  Just point your test scripts at our cloud and run your tests in parallel to speed your testing.  

 Let Saucelabs help you to get on a faster emulator track. Download the white paper today!