Android Application Testing

Cloud-based Android Testing for Any Organization

Mobile apps development is being conducted faster and faster every day, and if you don't keep up you get left behind. The catch is that if you skimp on testing and your app has bugs, users will quickly reject it; and their negative reviews will have a lasting impact on future users. You need to make sure that your Android application is bug-free,and you need that to happen quickly. Thankfully, Appium testing with Sauce Labs is here to make sure that happens.

Sauce Labs, the innovators in Appium testing, do over a million tests every day. We know mobile app testing! Our cloud-based service is easy to use, incredibly thorough, and completely secure. No matter what language your tests are developed in, or what testing protocol you are comfortable with, Appium can handle it. Like Selenium, Appium is open source, so you have a large user community to rely on for support.

Why choose Sauce Labs for you Android testing?

  • Comprehensive - test across our Andriod emulators and real devices to make sure your app is perfect
  • Fast - by automating your tests and testing in parallel you can speed your testing by 10x
  • Secure - Sauce Connect our secure firewall tunnel ensures data security

Start your Android application testing today with a free trial at Sauce Labs!