Android App Testing Emulator

Test with Android App Emulator

An Android Emulator simulates a mobile device and displays it on your development computer. It lets you prototype, develop, and test Android apps without using a physical phone.  And, because it is easy to reset an emulator, you can be sure you are testing under the same conditions every time - a task that is far more difficult when testing on a phone in your lab.

There are two ways to do manual testing for Android:

  • running an emulator on a PC
  • running through the user experience on a real Android device

Sauce Labs can help you do manual or automated testing on many different Android configurations without having to set up a device lab yourself.  With Sauce you develop your tests in the Appium open source framework and run your tests, automatically on the Sauce Labs Cloud.   And, by running your tests in parallel across a variety of devices, you can accelerate your development and get your app finished faster. 

Read our white paper on testing across emulators and real devices and get testing on Sauce today!