Android App Testing

Test Better with Sauce Labs

To ensure you Android app gets used,  you must not only have a quality app, but you must be able to very quickly respond to bugs. If you leave it to your users to find and report bugs, your app will get a low rating and it will never get downloaded.  This means you need to ship a quality app that has been tested across a wide variety of Andriod devices.   If you test on just the few devices you have around you, you risk missing major bugs that might appear on the devices your customers use. There is a better way, you can now test your Android application in a better way, using Appium and Sauce Labs.

Sauce Labs uses Appium, an open source mobile test automation framework - as well as cloud-based services for running tests on a larger scale. Developers can test native, hybrid and mobile web apps on real devices or emulators/simulators. Sauce allows you to run your mobile tests across platforms in parallel so you can test on more combinations than you could previously.

Advantages of android app testing using Appium on Sauce Labs:

  • Save the time it takes to set up the Appium server locally
  • No need to install or configure the mobile emulators/simulators in your local environment
  • No modifications needed to the source code of your application
  • Start scaling your tests instantly

The open source mobile testing framework Appium on Sauce Labs offers a unique cloud-based, automated testing platform for native Android apps, enabling Android software developers with advanced capabilities that help quickly deliver quality software to consumers.

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