Agile Testing

Streamline Your Testing Process with Agile Testing

Agile is more than an organizational shift, its a state of mind amongst developers, QA and release engineers. To truely be agile you have to be constant developing and testing your apps in a continuous cycle. You can't have silos or barriers between dev and QA or between dev and release.   It needs to be one continuous process.  And, the slowest part of this process has traditionally been testing. You can't truly be agile unless you have implemented automated testing.  

This is where Sauce Labs excels. We operate the world's largest cloud for automated testing with Selenium and Appium.  We run over a million tests a day and are major contributors to both frameworks.  With Sauce Labs you get:

  • Web testing - using Selenium across more than 700 browser OS combinations 
  • Mobile testing -using Appium across iOS simulators, Android emulators and a deep selection of real devices
  • Security - we spin up new VMs for every test and use Sauce Connect Proxy to encrypt traffic between your test scripts and our cloud 

The result is that dev teams are able to release better code faster and achieve a state of true agile development because they have automated testing.  Download our guide today!