Agile Qa Testing

QA in a Sprint: How do companies test in Scrum/XP/Lean/Kanban

Testing in waterfall has typically been done towards the end of a delivery cycle. So how do companies use QA testing in an agile or SaFE framework? Does it change for scrum, XP, Lean or Kanban? When the delivery release cycle is iterative such as in a sprint, the most effective companies weave QA testing within their build schedule to achieve Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery/DevOps. The only way to do that is through automation, because without automation, testing becomes the bottleneck for development. And, Selenium is the de-facto standard for web testing today endorsed by the W3C as they way to automate functional testing.

  • Use Automated Testing with Selenium with Jenkins/Bamboo/TeamCity for true CD Pipeline
  • Remove human error and false positives with automated testing
  • Increase testing coverage and types of testing by automating regression testing