Advantages Of Parallel Testing

Accelerate Testing with Parallel Testing 

Testing is the slowest part of the entire dev process.  In order to speed the release, devs need to eliminate steps without sacrificing quality. But teams normally increase speed by reducing test coverage, testing on fewer system and browser configurations, and doing their best not to update their test suite for fear of failed tests and re-runs. The best way to address performance is to change how you test. And parallel testing is the key. With parallel testing you not only decrease the amount of time a test suite takes to run, but also increase coverage, and allow teams to test continuously with more confidence. 

This is where Sauce Labs provides a huge benefit to testers.  With our cloud based testing platform you can run Selenium and Appium tests in parallel accelerating your testing time by 10x.  Most users test on about 100 OS / browser combinations to ensure proper coverage and bug free code.  

With Sauce Labs you get:

  • Selenium and Appium testing - from the experts who support the open source frameworks
  • Massive Parallelism - test on our deep selection of 700+ browser / OS combinations to enaure error fee code
  • Secure testing - with Sauce Connect all your communication with our cloud is encrypted

Sauce Labs can help you move quickly to parallel testing. Download our whitepaper today!