Advanced Appium Training

Where to Find Advanced Appium Training

Appium is the premier open source mobile automation tool. It can be used to automate mobile apps, including hybrid and web apps, across both iOS and Android platforms. It can be difficult to find Appium training, given the relatively young age of the project and how it has accelerated its growth throughout the automation industry. Thankfully, many best practices from years of experience working with Selenium cross over perfectly for using Appium. Advanced Selenium strategies are also advanced Appium strategies!

There are a number of resources any budding Appium developer should go in order to level up their Appium knowledge:

The absolute best way to learn Appium is by doing! Check out the documentation and get going writing tests. When you run into problems, hop into the Appium forums and ask the community for help. There's a thriving and vibrant Appium community there that is always willing to help you get started. Once you've got your feet wet, check out the Sauce Labs Appium Bootcamp for some advanced tips and tricks. You'll be up and automating your mobile apps in no time!