Adopting Parallel Testing

Parallel Testing Leads to Faster Development

Every live application must work the same across all browsers and all operating systems. Manual testing of apps is often slow and error prone - failure to catch bugs or errors can cost companies time, money and users. Teams often speed their releases by testing across fewer browser / OS combinations, and reducing test coverage.  The best way to address performance is to alter the way you test.  And parallel testing is the key. With parallel testing you can reduce the time a test suite takes to run and increase coverage allowing your teams to test continuously with more confidence. 

Enter Sauce Labs. With our cloud based testing platform you can run tests in parallel across massive combinations of browsers and OSes all without having to setup and maintain your own testing grid.  

With Sauce Labs you can:

Increase Test Coverage - with our 700+ combinations of browsers / OSes and mobile platforms

Accelerate Tests - by running your Selenium or Appium tests in parallel

Test with the Experts - we helped develop Selenium and Appium and have the expertise to help you test efficiently

Let Sauce Labs help your developers define and find the right mix of testing tools for you.