Appium is a giant leap forward in mobile test automation. When combined with Sauce Labs, it's an extremely powerful tool for scaling your hybrid and native application testing across over 90 mobile platforms.

Mobile testing for native or hybrid

  • Connect to staged applications behind a firewall while maintaining control of proxy and access policies using Sauce Connect, our secure tunneling technology.

  • Tests are run within our secure data center on brand new VMs that are destroyed after each run, ensuring customer data is never exposed to future sessions.

Use your favorite tools

  • Access to all major desktop browsers and operating systems, mobile emulators, and real mobile devices eliminates the overhead of internal infrastructure.

Now the choice framework across the globe.

When combined with Sauce Labs, it’s an extremely powerful tool for scaling your hybrid and native application testing across 90+ mobile platforms.

Test the same app you submit to market

Because Appium uses vendor-provided automation frameworks there is no need to compile in any Appium-specific or third-party code or frameworks to your app - you're testing the same app you're shipping.

Use a standard automation specification

WebDriver has become the de facto standard for automating web browsers, and is a W3C Working Draft. Appium has extended the protocol with extra API methods useful for mobile automation.

Write your tests in any language

Appium is an automation library that uses the WebDriver API and JSON Wire Protocol. Because of this client-server architecture, a client written in any language can be used to send the appropriate HTTP requests to the server.

A thriving open source project

Appium is an open source project developed by Sauce Labs and a thriving community of contributors. With over 5,300 commits and 135 contributors, Appium continues to evolve rapidly, always guided by its core philosophy.

Featured Customer: Eventbrite

“Before Sauce, we would have to look at the stack trace and try to figure out. That usually meant having to run it again… Now if there’s a failure, we see the video and screenshots right here. It helps greatly with fixing tests faster.”

Brian O’Neill
Senior QA Automation - Engineer Eventbrite

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