Professional Services

Start testing quickly with Sauce Labs' Professional Services to help your teams learn how to develop and automate tests or optimize your existing frameworks and tests. We offer a variety of services that range from assessment of your current testing frameworks & processes to providing a comprehensive testing plan to help you optimize your automated testing workflows.

Framework and CI/CD Assessment Service

Sauce Labs offers three distinct assessment offerings to get you on the path to successful test automation. Depending on your needs, our testing experts are available to assess your framework, CI/CD process and pipeline, and/or your overall test strategy to ensure your test automation capabilities are solid and scalable.

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Framework and Test Creation Service

The Sauce Labs Framework and Test Script Creation Service is designed to provide enterprises with a head start and practical assets to get up and running with automated testing by creating frameworks based on your specifications.

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Implementation Plan

The Sauce Labs Implementation Plan engagement is designed to provide organizations with a complete, customized plan to move toward more complete test automation. Our Solution Architects will construct an implementation plan to identify and solve challenges faced with leveraging test automation and moving to Continuous Delivery.

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