Emulators and Simulators
Mobile Testing

Mobile Emulators and Simulators

Our Android Emulators and iOS Simulators are a scalable, highly reliable and economical way to run automated functional tests on your mobile apps. Run tests in parallel across a wide variety of virtual device types on our secure cloud to quickly verify app updates. With the latest iOS and Android versions to test against, your team can ensure that your web or mobile app is a high quality experience for your end users, no matter what they're running on.

Test in Parallel

Testing in parallel allows you to release faster by testing across multiple virtual devices at once as part of a CI/CD process. Our emulators and simulators run on single-use virtual machines in the Sauce Cloud so you can test across as many as you need. And, with our CI integrations you can fully automate your tests as part of your CI/CD workflow.

Increase quality

Because emulators and simulators are virtual, it’s easy to run more tests in parallel reducing your build times, enabling you to iterate more frequently on your web or mobile app. Iterating more frequently allows your development teams to improve the quality of your application, and ultimately the end user experience.

Save Costs

Our emulators and simulators are more economical than testing on real devices. Run functional tests across a wide variety of emulators and simulators at a fraction of the cost of real devices for a majority of your functional test cases.

Test on your schedule

There is never any waiting for our emulators or simulators. Spin them up on demand and test on your schedule as you never have to wait for someone to finish running a test on one.

Low error rates

Our emulators and simulators run on the award winning Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud. Over our many years of testing, running over one billion tests, we have learned how to minimize infrastructure testing errors reducing our false failure rate to 0.02% - the lowest published rate in the industry. So you spend more time developing and testing and less time chasing false positive errors caused by your automated testing infrastructure.


We spin up new, single-use VMs for all our emulators and simulators. Since the VMs are destroyed after use, there is no chance that any residual data will remain behind to interfere with future tests or a chance that anyone could read your data. Connect to our virtual devices using Sauce Connect Proxy - our TLS tunnel that connects and encrypts all communications between your behind-the-firewall applications or websites under test and our Cloud.