Sauce Labs Testing Tool Update Aims to Accelerate App Delivery

Posted by Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs updates its automated testing platform with a new UI and new workflows around continuous integration that CEO Charles Ramsey said will accelerate application development.

What Sauce Labs provides is a cloud service for software testing – a cloud-based place to create a configuration that mirrors what the real-life environment will be, with the ability to put applications through their paces. With this latest update to the service, Sauce Labs has added more functionality around continuous integration and continuous deployment, with the idea that the changes make it easier to test apps and get them to market quick ... bug-free.

Here's the skinny on what's new:

  • A new dashboard provides detailed information about builds, automated tests, manual tests and overall usage. According to Sauce Labs, the new UI makes it easier to concentrate on development and testing.

  • More detailed information on builds and tests is now available. By clicking on a build, a developer can get all information related to tests being run against it. Status information is available.

  • For larger organizations, there's a new team management function that enables the tracking of third-party tools across the enterprise to ensure they're being used effectively. Customers can manage permissions and access to testing resources, but they also have access to more detailed reports on historical usage, minutes consumed and the tests run by day.

  • Also new is a searchable archives page with all account activity over time.

  • A single sign-on feature aims to make it simpler to provision new user accounts on the fly.

"Frequently what we are hearing from our customers ... is the application is essentially their business," Ramsey told FierceDevOps. "And their ability to be competitive in the market translates directly into their ability to get applications out bug-free to their customers as rapidly as they can."

Testing is a necessity, he said, but it's not something people want to spend time on. And enterprises are looking for ways to streamline the testing process, which includes automating it as much as possible.

"Our new platform optimizes for these continuous delivery workflows. Our goal is to increase the pace of delivery for our customers," said Steve Hazel, co-founder and CTO of Sauce Labs.

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