Summer is Here! Can Your CI/CD Pipeline Bring the Heat?

As the temperatures start to increase this summer, we know that a lot of teams are seeing the heat increase in their development pipeline. Every engineering leader is asking the question, “How do we release better code, more quickly?” And CI/CD has proven to be the answer to consistently deliver innovative digital experiences to their customers at faster speeds.

However, should you be sacrificing quality experiences for red hot speeds? No way! At Sauce Labs, we think you can have both. By optimizing your CI/CD pipeline to integrate with continuous testing, you can continue to release new features to your users faster, while also giving them the bug-free experience they demand.

Adding continuous testing best practices from the outset can enable the transformation to CI/CD by allowing code to move through an accelerated pipeline without testing becoming a bottleneck. To achieve this requires an entirely new set of features—testability features—built into the architecture itself, along with other changes to the way software is built. Without these changes, organizations typically struggle to see the benefits that CI/CD promise.

There are four main areas to consider when optimizing your CI/CD pipeline for continuous testing:

To help you turn up the heat on your CI/CD efforts, our team is presenting a series of technical papers and sessions discussing these four topics, which you can find at the above links. If reading isn't your thing, we have also published two tech talks discussing these same topics - the first on environment and feature management and the second on adapting process and improving the codebase. Learn more from the experts at Sauce Labs as we explore how true release velocity with CI/CD is not possible without the help of a well-defined and implemented continuous testing strategy.

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