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Building an Agile Process Playbook for Software Testing

What exactly is agile testing, and why would we need an agile process playbook for software testing? Let me explain in this post… QA’s Place in the Agile Conversation (or Lack Thereof) One frustration I have commonly observed with software development is that there are no clear-cut steps for when to include QA in the conversation. It's possible that this is only my experience with [...]

5 Tips for Effective Mobile Testing
Posted by Twain Taylor in MobileMobile Development & Testing

Testing on mobile devices presents unique challenges. There’s a lot to keep up with—mobile OS updates, new devices and features, application frameworks for web, native, and hybrid apps, and a new breed of DevOps tools to ensure the mobile apps you ship are reliable and perform well. Therefore, you have a lot of decisions to make when planning a mobile testing strategy, and there is a [...]

4 Reasons Why Open Source Testing Is the Best Foundation for Software Quality
Posted by Twain Taylor in AppiumSeleniumSoftware Development & Testing

Over the past decade, open source testing tools have sprung up to revolutionize the world of QA. Here’s a list of the most popular open source testing tools available today: Selenium: A test automation tool that automates actions in the browser Appium: The mobile counterpart to Selenium used for automated testing on both iOS and Android JMeter: A performance testing tool written in Java [...]

The Testing Buffet: Or, Why You Need Multiple Testing Framework Options
Posted by Chris Tozzi in AppiumSeleniumSoftware Development & Testing

Having multiple testing frameworks at your disposal is essential for performing effective software testing and quality assurance. Why? Let me explain in this post… Identifying Testing Frameworks When I refer to multiple testing frameworks, I mean the ability to perform software tests using several open source test suites at once. Sauce Labs is an example of a testing platform that supports [...]

From Shift Left Testing to Shift Left Security: The Pursuit of Quality
Posted by Scott Fitzpatrick in Security Testing

In the world of application development, the “shift left” mentality has already transformed QA operations, which use shift left testing to make QA faster and more reliable. The usefulness of the shift left mantra is not limited just to QA, however. Security teams can benefit greatly from shifting security operations to the left as well. It may seem strange to suggest extending shift [...]

Open Standards Don't Mean Standardized Browsers
Posted by Michael Churchman in Cross Browser Testing

Shouldn't the adoption of open standards make it easier to conduct cross-platform testing for your browser apps? It should, and in many ways, it has streamlined browser testing. But the limits to actual compliance, along with variations in the implementation of those standards, mean that you cannot rely on successful tests in one browser to guarantee that your app will be compatible with all [...]

Understand Test Failures and Flakes with Extended Debugging
Posted by Ken Drachnik in Product Updates

When tests fail, users often ask "Why do I spend so much time debugging tests and often can’t find the issue?" and “My tests fail randomly and I know it’s not the test, how do I get more visibility into the source of my test failures?” Today, we provide a way to answer these questions with Extended Debugging. When a test fails and it’s not an app issue, users want to [...]

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