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Public or Private Cloud?
Should I Use Public or Private Mobile Clouds?
Posted by Justin Rohrman in Mobile Development & Testing

Software projects have a special way of creeping and taking over like a kudzu vine. A company might start making an iPad app that Doctors use to document their cases. Pretty soon, a new version of iOS comes out, and then two new versions of the iPad. Nurses are added to the user base 6 months later and they have a few different versions of the iPhone in mind. Supporting a couple of devices is no [...]

SauceCon Speaker Profile: Greg Sypolt, Gannett | USA Today Networks
Posted by Rebecca Cramer

This post first appeared on as part of our series highlighting speakers at SauceCon, which will take place June 6-8 in San Francisco. Test automation architect Greg Sypolt of Gannett | USA Today Network fell into a testing career by accident. As an on-call software engineer who spent many late nights early in his career discovering that many bugs were caused by a lack of test coverage, [...]

Appium and StarDriver: The Language of Automation
Posted by Dan Cuellar in Appium

If you count from SeleniumConf 2012 as the date that Appium was born, Appium just turned 5 last week. In the last 5 years, Appium has come a long way in taking mobile UI automation from a haphazard bleeding edge endeavor to an indispensable part of many development teams’ continuous integration system for mobile apps. At the start, Appium was created to solve one specific problem. I had [...]

Risky Business: Taking a Risk-Based Approach to Software Testing
Posted by Ashley Hunsberger in Software Development & Testing

In a perfect world, you’d be able to test everything, all the time. In real life, however, you’re often faced with huge products and large features, and you just can’t test them all. If you try, you’ll go bankrupt. So, what do you do in the face of this challenge? The answer is to take a risk-based approach to testing. This process starts by talking about Risk Analysis [...]

SauceCon Speaker Profile: Jeremy Stone,
Posted by Ely Hechtel

This post first appeared on as part of our series highlighting speakers at SauceCon, which will take place June 6-8 in San Francisco. As quickly as the world is changing, how can we use this momentum and proactively contribute to this change? We need to start with the basics and focus on education. Jeremy Stone, CTO of, is doing just that by teaching children how to code. [...]

Mobile App Testing - Main Challenges, Different Approaches, One Solution
Posted by Ely Hechtel in MobileMobile Development & Testing

Mobile app testing is crucial  for mobile app development in the digital transformation era we live in. A large number of companies are already aware of how important mobile app testing is, but most of them struggle with implementing it successfully in their development cycle. This free ebook gives an overview on this hot topic for those who are starting to approach this subject and for [...]

Things Robotium Can Do that Selendroid Can’t
Posted by Nadia Manaev in Mobile Development & Testing

Robotium and Selendroid are both strong testing solutions for mobile apps. But they’re not identical. What makes Robotium and Selendroid different? Find out in this post, which explains the things Robotium can do that Selendroid can’t when it comes to mobile testing. Robotium vs. Selendroid: Quick Overview Robotium is an extension of the Android testing framework. It allows you to [...]

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