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Recap: Fearless Browser Test Automation [WEBINAR]
Posted by Bill McGee in JavaScriptWebinars

Thanks to those of you who attended our last webinar, Fearless Browser Test Automation, featuring John-David Dalton. This webinar was presented by O'Reilly and Sauce Labs, a provider of the world's largest automation cloud for testing web and native/hybrid mobile applications. We hope you found John-David's perspectives helpful, and that if you're now doing manual testing on a limited [...]

Cloud9 + Sauce Labs Integration: Learn How It Works [WEBINAR]
Posted by Bill McGee in Webinars

Ever wanted to develop and test applications directly from your browser? Cloud9 enables users to do just this using their powerful cloud-based development environment. With their recent release and new integration with Sauce Labs, users can now instantly test mobile and web apps across any browser that Sauce Labs supports - without ever leaving the Cloud9 interface. Join us for our latest webinar [...]

Recap: Continuous Testing in the Cloud [WEBINAR]
Posted by Bill McGee in Best PracticesWebinars

Last week our own Michael Sage discussed the topic of Continuous Testing in the Cloud for our latest webinar. In it, he went over how to take advantage of cloud-hosted development resources to help increase release time and improve application quality as a best practice. He also talked about how to use Sauce Labs to securely execute your Selenium tests in parallel and reduce the [...]

Register Today: Continuous Testing in the Cloud [WEBINAR]

Are you a best practice guru? If you answered yes, you've probably thought about the promise of Continuous Delivery.  You won't want to miss our next webinar, Continuous Testing in the Cloud! >Sauce Labs' Principal Technology Evangelist, Michael Sage, will walk you through how to create a full Continuous Integration setup entirely in the cloud using GitHub, Selenium, Sauce Labs, and [...]

[Live Panel] Mobile Testing with Appium
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumWebinars

As we know from the survey we conducted early this year, mobile testing is incredibly prominent in the QA world. To support this growing field, we've heavily invested in the open source project Appium; the leading cross-platform framework for testing hybrid and native mobile applications. Used by organizations large and small, including Expedia and Gilt Groupe, Appium provides a [...]

Selenium At Saleforce Scale: Webinar Slides And Recording
Posted by Bill McGee in Selenium ResourcesWebinars

Earlier in April Sauce Labs hosted a webinar with Lead Engineers from Salesforce, David Louvton and Sagar Wanaselja, who spoke about Selenium at Salesforce Scale. Topics included the details of their engineering team, running their Selenium farm, scaling issues, Selenium design patterns, and how to overcome test failures. If you missed the event, or if you just want to review the material [...]

Webinar: Selenium at Salesforce Scale - Register Today
Posted by Bill McGee in Webinars

Ever wondered how an Enterprise company like Salesforce runs their QA tests? Yup, there's a webinar for that. After participating in this successful meetup, we wanted to cast this knowledge even farther. You're invited to learn about Salesforce's inventory of Selenium tests, how they run them at scale, and how to architect your test harness for success. Join Salesforce engineers David [...]

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