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Guest Post: Introducing Your Newest Intern
Posted by Bill McGee in Guest Blog PostsUncategorized

Our friends at SitePen have been working hard on their new JavaScript testing stack, Intern. They wrote Intern to integrate easily with Sauce, and were kind enough to write us a guest post about why they did it. Thanks SitePen team for helping promote the open source way! Every Web app developer feels the pressure to keep up with the constant sea of change that surrounds the Web platform today. [...]

Keep up with Sauce Events with Our New Lanyrd Team Page
Posted by Bill McGee in EventsUncategorized

So, we go to a lot of events. Whether they're meetups, conferences, happy hours, or hackathons, we love getting out of the office and meeting the dev community in person. To make it easy to see which conferences and events different team members will be at, we've got an awesome new Lanyrd team page. Lanyrd is an great conference directory, and we're excited to have a new team page on it, so you [...]

Coming to OSBridge? Come Say Hi!
Posted by Bill McGee in Uncategorized

If you're going to Portland next week for OSBridge, which is celebrating its 5th year anniversary, be on the lookout for Saucers on the premises! Silas, Sebas, Adam, Lauren, and Mathieu will be at the conference; just look for the people in the Sauce Labs shirts. We're really excited to convene and connect in person with our peers in the OSS community. Sebas will also be giving a talk titled [...]

Learn Selenium in Industrial Logic's Course "Driving Selenium Safely"
Posted by Bill McGee in EventsUncategorized

Looking to get a jump start on learning Selenium to automate your testing? Want to get hands-on training on testing in the cloud? Our friends at Industrial Logic, who create awesome, informative online classes and in-person workshops, have been hard at work developing a course on Selenium 2, and they're holding a 2 day open enrollment workshop in Silicon Valley. Join Patrick Wilson-Welsh at [...]

Selenium Conference 2013 Is Here!
Posted by Bill McGee in Uncategorized

Selenium Conference is nearly upon us! SeConf is always one of our most important events of the year, because Selenium is a huge part of what we do here at Sauce. We're excited to be sponsoring the conference this year, and we'll be out in force at the event; so come say hi! We'll also be doing a workshop on Appium Monday 6/10 from 9AM-12PM, and a workshop 6/10 from 1PM-4PM on rewriting the [...]

Job IDs; What Are They Good for?
Posted by Dylan in Uncategorized

What's a Job ID? You've might have come across the term "job ID", "test ID" or "session ID" in our documentation. These refer to the unique ID which each Sauce Labs job has. You can find it in the URL of a jobs page, and in the test summary pane. This value is also used by any remote Selenium session as the session ID. When you use the selenium-webdriver or sauce gems to drive a job, every action [...]

Guest Post: Testing JavaScript with Yeti and Sauce Labs WebDriver with Ryuichi Okumura
Posted by Bill McGee in JavaScriptUncategorized

When we read YUI contributor Ryuichi Okumura's blog post on testing JavaScript with Yeti and Sauce, we thought it was an awesome use of Sauce, and wanted to share it with you. Ryuichi kindly gave us the green light to post-cross this, so read on to hear about how he's using Sauce for JS testing, and check out his Twitter and Github. We've recently been quite busy developing a number of [...]

A Browser Matrix Widget for the Open Source Community
Posted by Bernard Kobos in News & Product UpdatesUncategorized

We just released a new feature that will make your project pages much more informative. It is a widget that lets you present details about your last build. It's a more extended version of our badge that you're probably already familiar with: The browser matrix widget takes that concept to the next level. It gives you and the whole community a fast and in-depth look into the status of all tests [...]

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