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JavaScript Unit Testing API Revamped
Posted by Jonah Stiennon in JavaScriptSoftware Development & TestingUncategorized

Sauce provides a shortcut API for running Javascript unit tests (like Jasmine, Qunit, Mocha, and YUI Test) on all browsers using our cloud. The old way of doing things: Before the unit test API was added, running frontend javascript tests using Selenium was pretty messy. One had to point the Selenium browser at the page which ran/reported the tests then inspect DOM elements on the page looking [...]

Remote file uploads with Selenium & PHP
Posted by Isaac Murchie in Selenium ResourcesSoftware Development & TestingUncategorized

When testing file uploading functionality we have to consider two scenarios... running browsers locally and running them remotely. Locally there is no problem: test browsers have access to the files the tests specify. When running the same tests remotely, with the browser running on a different machine than the test programs, we run into a significant problem: the files we specify to upload are [...]

Online Workshop - Learn How Gilt Groupe Uses Appium to Automate Their Mobile Testing
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumEventsMobile Development & TestingUncategorized

1/14/2014 Update: We'll be posting a link to the recorded webinar in several days. We're teaming up with the Gilt Groupe for our next online workshop! Join us on Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 at 11:00am PST to learn about how Gilt uses Appium to automate their mobile testing. Today, mobile purchases make up more than 40% of Gilt's sales, and the mobile e-commerce market continues to rage [...]

The Most Unique Use Case for Sauce Ever!
Posted by Bill McGee in Uncategorized

We see people using Sauce to test all kinds of things. But the prize for most unique use case for Sauce ever goes to DocPop. When he decided to get married spontaneously in Vegas, he used Sauce to spin up a Windows machine running IE6 on his Macbook to fill out Nevada's marriage license form. The form wasn't compatible with anything but older versions of IE, and they wanted to get everything [...]

Robot Hackathon Tonight! Build Your Own Mobile Testing Robot and Other November Happenings

Now that you’ve gained an hour of sleep how are you going to get the most out of that new-found time? We can think of several slick events happening this month and there’s still plenty of time to join in. Tonight is Sauce’s 2nd mobile testing robot hackathon. Come build your own Tapster robot and learn how to use it to test your iOS or Android mobile apps. The hackathon will be held at GitHub/SF [...]

The Sauce Ecosystem and Integrations Approach
Posted by Jonathan Lipps in AppiumSoftware Development & TestingUncategorized

At Sauce Labs, we love open source software. We love the freedom, the efficiencies and the possibilities it provides. That’s why we built a platform leveraging the leading open source functional testing tools: Selenium and Appium, since it’s important to us to earn our customers’ business every day and not attempt to make them beholden to a proprietary solution. We’ve even [...]

Repost: Automating Mobile Testing at Gilt
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumGuest Blog PostsMobile Development & TestingUncategorized

This post comes from our friends at Gilt, who are using Appium to automate their mobile testing. Check out the original post on the Gilt Tech blog! [prezi id="p68cqocmm5lx"] Just a few years ago, mobile purchases made barely a dent in Gilt’s revenues. Today, mobile represents more than 40 percent of our sales, and will soon reach 50 percent. With so many of our customers interacting with us [...]

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