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The Importance of a Triage Team

I grew up watching shows like MAS*H, and Emergency!. Doctor and paramedic characters would perform triage of injuries and determine which ones were critical and which could wait. If you think about it, bugs in a feature are like injuries to your code, and when they are discovered, they too need to be triaged. Without triage, bug tickets can add time to your development process and even cause [...]

Balancing Documentation With Speed

I’m sitting here thinking about my career over the last decade or so, thinking about how things once were, and how things have changed. One thing stands out to me: how much faster things are now. How fast we build, how fast we release, how quickly we have to test, how quickly we have to write. How do we balance documentation (which, let’s face it, could take a lot of time) with the [...]

Free (and Almost Free) Training for QA Engineers

Do you have a manual QA team that needs training to become automation engineers, but you don’t have the budget? Many of us are facing this same obstacle in a time of scarce talent. If you are a QA manager looking to upgrade your team, or a QA analyst looking to make the career move into automation, here is a guide to free and cheap online classes that can help. Make Use of (Almost) Free [...]

Recapping DevOps East - Opportunistic QA

There are generous resources for DevOps — online periodicals, trade shows, and opinions galore. In November of this year in Florida, one more was added to the list — the DevOps East conference. However, the show proved to me that putting the label DevOps on something says very little. What matters is what people are actually doing in the development environment. DevOps East is part of a mix of [...]

The Art of Distraction (and How More Stories Doesn’t Mean Better)
Posted by Ashley Hunsberger in Best PracticesGuest Blog PostsSoftware Development & Testing

I got a little distracted trying to write this. I’ve regularly wondered why it is SO HARD to focus and get something relatively simple done. I now have my answer. I was listening to NPR and wouldn’t you know, a discussion about distraction came on. The topic of the podcast was that every time something distracts you, it can take up to 30 minutes to re-focus and be productive again! [...]

Why Does (Story) Size Matter?

When writing a user story, you need to think more like Dr. Seuss than Stephen King. You want user stories to be easily consumable, like Green Eggs and Ham. You don’t want a user story on the level of Under the Dome. If you discover your story’s duration will span more than one sprint, your story is too big. But I Love Long Stories! If you are a reader like me, you love to become [...]

Review of Visual vs. Functional Testing with pDiff and Applitools
Posted by Greg Sypolt in Guest Blog PostsSoftware Development & Testing

As development teams eliminate manual testing and focus only on test automation, everyone lives and dies by automated testing. It is repeatable, faster (than manual), and should be preventing bugs, right? How does your automated test coverage compare to manual testing? You have more automated tests for Unit, API, Integration, and Functional UI. But the forgotten test coverage is often Visual [...]

The (Quality) Road Ahead
Posted by Ashley Hunsberger in Guest Blog PostsSoftware Development & Testing

Anyone can chant, “We want quality, and we want it now!” But without a clear path to achieve it, you may find your team feeling stagnant or lacking the direction and focus needed to accomplish quality. You need a roadmap! So what goals can help you stay on the road to higher quality? There are many things you can consider, so let’s focus on a few key areas. I’m going to [...]

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