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Women in Testing: Allison Wilbur
Posted by Rebecca Cramer in Software Development & Testing

This series highlights the contributions and expertise of some of the talented women in the testing community. For this one, we interviewed Allison Wilbur, a software engineer right here at Sauce Labs who works closely with our internal team as well as our customers. Growing up, Allison Wilbur loved computers and fell in love with programming. She got her bachelor’s degree in computer [...]

5 Tips to Automatically Test Every Time a Build is Submitted by a Developer

Back in the day, before the advent of automated testing, manual testers would need to painstakingly review code at every step of the process. As you can imagine, this slowed everything way down—and it got in the way of quickly and efficiently producing great, high-quality software. Today, DevOps teams are all about continuous testing and delivery; dev and QA teams working in-tandem to find [...]

Explaining Software Testing to Your Boss
Posted by Chris Tozzi in QAQuality AssuranceSoftware Development & Testing

You're a software testing engineer. You know the ins and outs of writing, running and analyzing tests. You're a master of software quality assurance. Your boss, on the other hand, is probably not. Despite being an important decision-maker as far as which resources are available to help you do your software testing job, your boss likely is not a software testing expert, and never will be. Software [...]

Shift Left? Headless Browsers? What Does It All Mean?
Posted by Alissa Lydon in Software Development & TestingVideos

You’ve probably heard the phrase "shift testing left" before. But what does that even mean? Simply stated, “shift left” is an application of continuous testing best practices. Development and release velocity is increasing to support user demand for new features, and to support this acceleration, testing must adapt to ensure that bugs are found and fixed quickly without slowing [...]

Boost Your Mobile Testing Strategy — The Mobile Test Pyramid Approach

Today, mobile-first and even mobile-only applications and services have become a common practice. It can be safely said that organizations should have a strong mobile presence to beat the competition and gain a competitive advantage. Having a cutting-edge mobile strategy means more emphasis on development, and having robust testing to provide a flawless, effortless experience to users. While [...]

Testing Effectively with Limited Resources
Posted by Scott Fitzpatrick in Continuous TestingSoftware Development & Testing

One of the biggest challenges for any development organization is managing time and development resources effectively. Given that software testing (if you’re doing it thoroughly, which you should be) is one part of the delivery pipeline that consumes a great deal of resources, finding ways to make software testing more efficient is one useful strategy for improving overall resource [...]

Best Practices for Shifting Performance Testing Left

When following the Agile model for development, work flows from left to right. On the left, there's requirements gathering, design, and development. On the right, meanwhile, there is testing and production. The further right the development cycle moves, the more it costs to fix a bug. It costs $1 to fix bugs in the requirements gathering phase, almost $100 in development, and upwards of $10,000 [...]

To Build or To Buy: The Digital Transformation Conundrum
Posted by Kimberly Falk in AppiumQASeleniumSoftware Development & Testing

On the road to digital maturity, the question of build vs. buy often arises for many companies when it comes to technology initiatives. And discussions tend to fall into two camps—customization and cost. Established companies like to perceive themselves as highly unique with any off-the-shelf package requiring extensive customization to meet their specific needs. And cost-conscious [...]

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