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The Benefits of Mobile Cloud Testing
Posted by Daria Kepa in MobileMobile Development & Testing

Modern testers and quality assurance managers are facing modern problems – several testing teams locally or in different offices, unreliable testing infrastructure, many potential testing devices and agile development process that requires continuous testing. This is just a tip of an iceberg and we could list the pain points, but it’s always better to find a solution to a problem and [...]

Sauce Labs Named a Contender Among Mobile Test Automation Tools

We are happy to announce a new industry citation for Sauce Labs: our inclusion in “The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Front-End Test Automation Tools, Q2, 2016.” The Wave is an influential report by leading research firm Forrester Research, and Sauce Labs was one of 10 companies selected for inclusion. This Wave is based on an evaluation of 40 criteria across 10 vendors that considers [...]

15 Reasons to Start Testing in Appium Framework
Posted by Daria Kepa in AppiumMobileMobile Development & Testing

Guest post by QualiTest Group  Appium is a free open-source test automation framework for mobile testing. It is a wrapper that translates Selenium commands into iOS and Android commands, so if you already know Selenium, you’re already partway there! And if you don’t already know Selenium, well, you really should learn it. But for now let’s focus on benefits of testing in [...]

Mobile App or Mobile-Friendly Website?
Posted by Ely Hechtel in MobileMobile Development & Testing

What is the best way to make your business visible in today’s mobile world? What is most appropriate mobile strategy? We’ll show you pros and cons of both apps and mobile-friendly websites if you keep on reading! Mobile-friendly Websites Being on the world wide web and being found by users who may become potential customers is crucial in today’s digitized economy. However, [...]

How Smartphones and Mobile Internet Have Changed Our Lives
Posted by Ely Hechtel in Mobile

20 years ago there weren’t any smartphones and since then a lot of things have changed. Now we can’t even remember the last time we actually didn’t use our smartphone for a whole day. Mobile smart devices and mobile internet are changing the way we do things and how we connect with other people. Let’s have a closer look at how smart devices really affect our everyday [...]

The Importance of Mobile Testing
Posted by Greg Sypolt in Best PracticesGuest Blog PostsMobileMobile Development & Testing

It is a digital world, and all Generations have embraced the mobile revolution. It’s no surprise that millennials are leading the way. I saw a statistic recently that 85% of Millennials owns a smartphone. Next time you are waiting in line, take a look around.  Statistics don’t lie. Source: The mobile revolution has only just [...]

What to Test When Testing a Mobile App
Posted by Ely Hechtel in MobileMobile Development & Testing

Mobile app testing is a hot topic. The number of downloadable apps is barely comprehensible (Android Apps: 1,5 million apps; Apple’s App store: 1,4 million apps ) and the device fragmentation is nearly beyond imagination (24,093 Distinct Android devices seen up until August 2015). The only way to develop apps is to test on as many devices as possible through mobile app testing. This post [...]

Assessing Risk for a QA Mobile Project
Posted by Joe Nolan in Guest Blog PostsMobileMobile Development & Testing

My niece and her kids were visiting from out of town last week. Somehow I ended up in charge of the two boys, six and eight years old. It all started nice and quiet, everyone playing on their devices. Next thing I know they are wrestling. Heads are just missing table corners and I’m freaking out! Don’t they know the risks? As a lead on a QA team developing mobile apps, I am constantly [...]

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