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Learn Selenium in Industrial Logic's Course "Driving Selenium Safely"
Posted by Bill McGee in EventsUncategorized

Looking to get a jump start on learning Selenium to automate your testing? Want to get hands-on training on testing in the cloud? Our friends at Industrial Logic, who create awesome, informative online classes and in-person workshops, have been hard at work developing a course on Selenium 2, and they're holding a 2 day open enrollment workshop in Silicon Valley. Join Patrick Wilson-Welsh at [...]

Saucers off to JSConf 2013!
Posted by Bill McGee in Events

Conference season is in full swing, and we're having a ton of fun attending conferences all around the world. Up next for us is JSConf next week from 5/29-31 in Amelia Island, FL. It's JSConf's 5th Year Family Reunion, and we're excited to be participating! Adam will be doing an Appium workshop, and Seabass, Santi, and Ashley will be attending as well, so come by to get your mobile app set [...]

Recap: RailsConf Appium Lightning Talk
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumEvents

A few weeks ago, on his jaunt around the US, Dylan gave a nice lightning talk on Appium at RailsConf in Portland. It was awesome, and he did a jig onstage! Check out the slides for a quick and dirty look into Appium.

Recap: GTAC 2013
Posted by Bill McGee in EventsUncategorized

If you weren't at GTAC in NYC last month, you may have missed Jonathan Lipps' dazzling talk on Appium and mobile app automation. But fear not, you too can experience (or re-experience) the magic of his talk as many times as you like! You can watch his talk on YouTube, and boggle the ridiculousness that is his surprise Firefox OS demo. Jonathan and the Appium community have been hard at work [...]

Come Play in the Sandbox with Us at Google I/O!
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If you'll be in San Francisco for Google I/O this year, don't forget to come see us in the Developer Sandbox! Google I/O is an annual developer conference featuring highly technical, in-depth sessions, and showcasing the latest from Google’s product teams and partners, and this year will be held May 15-17 at the Moscone Center. The Developer Sandbox showcases demos from a wide range [...]

Seven Reasons to Come to Our Ruby Hackathon
Posted by Dylan in Events

In the Social Media age, there's nothing, nothing more important then being sharable. And as the continued success of the Gawker network shows, nothing is as sharable as a list of stuff. So! In order to help you convince your friends to come to our Hackathon (because you were already coming, right? 3pm, Thursday the 9th of May at our office in San Francisco, like we discussed?), we're prepared a [...]

Join Us for a Ruby Hackathon
Posted by Bill McGee in EventsRubySelenium Resources

More events? You bet! It's spring, and we're in the mood to party, so we're throwing our first Ruby hackathon! Stop by our office next Thursday, May 9th, starting at 3PM, to eat, drink, and hack with us. Come get started with running your existing Selenium integration tests on Sauce using the Sauce Gem, enhance the gem, or just hang out with the Saucers and Ruby community. Cross-browser [...]

SeConf is Coming!
Posted by Bill McGee in EventsSelenium Resources

Are you stoked? Selenium Conference 2013 is coming! With only a week until the conference, we're getting excited for one of our favorite events. Selenium is in our DNA, so it's always great to convene with fellow Selenium lovers in person, and we're proud to be a sponsor. This year the conference will be held in Boston, at the Marriott Renaissance, 6/10-12. With speakers from companies like [...]

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