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Seven Reasons to Come to Our Ruby Hackathon
Posted by Dylan in Events

In the Social Media age, there's nothing, nothing more important then being sharable. And as the continued success of the Gawker network shows, nothing is as sharable as a list of stuff. So! In order to help you convince your friends to come to our Hackathon (because you were already coming, right? 3pm, Thursday the 9th of May at our office in San Francisco, like we discussed?), we're prepared a [...]

Join Us for a Ruby Hackathon
Posted by Bill McGee in EventsRubySelenium Resources

More events? You bet! It's spring, and we're in the mood to party, so we're throwing our first Ruby hackathon! Stop by our office next Thursday, May 9th, starting at 3PM, to eat, drink, and hack with us. Come get started with running your existing Selenium integration tests on Sauce using the Sauce Gem, enhance the gem, or just hang out with the Saucers and Ruby community. Cross-browser [...]

SeConf is Coming!
Posted by Bill McGee in EventsSelenium Resources

Are you stoked? Selenium Conference 2013 is coming! With only a week until the conference, we're getting excited for one of our favorite events. Selenium is in our DNA, so it's always great to convene with fellow Selenium lovers in person, and we're proud to be a sponsor. This year the conference will be held in Boston, at the Marriott Renaissance, 6/10-12. With speakers from companies like [...]

Swing by the San Francisco Python Meetup Next Week!
Posted by Bill McGee in EventsSelenium Resources

If you're in San Francisco next week, Saucer Santi will be giving a featured talk on Selenium and best practices for writing automated functional tests for your Python Web Apps on Thursday, 5/8 at 6:15PM. The meetup will be hosted at the Yelp SF office, 706 Mission St. Yelp is also generously sponsoring pizza and beer. :) Drop by to say hi, hear some awesome talks, and connect with [...]

Recap: Seattle Mobile Development Meetup
Posted by Adam Christian in AppiumEventsUncategorized

In mid April, I was welcomed by the Seattle community to speak about Appium at their Mobile Development Meetup. In addition to having a great time and great conversations, there were some key takeaways from the meetup that are worthy of some thought. Of course, there's not time to summarize all the amazing conversations that I had with the wonderful Seattle-ites, but here are the high points. [...]

Moar Appium! Tune into Our Appium Talk at GTAC
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumEvents

Ok, so we're a little obssessed with Appium. But can you blame us? We love it, and we want to spread the love! Our own Jonathan Lipps will be doing just that this week at GTAC in NYC. He'll be giving a talk on Wed. at 1:15EDT on Appium that you won't want to miss. Even if you can't attend GTAC, you can tune into the livestream here. And you can submit all the burning questions about Appium and [...]

Join Sauce Labs and Rackspace for an Appium Mobile Testing Hackathon!
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumEvents

Interested in automating your mobile app testing? Love open source? Then join Sauce Labs and Rackspace for an Appium hackathon, Thursday May 2nd, hosted at the Rackspace office. We’ll get you set up with Appium and automating your own apps in no time. We’ll also work together on making Appium itself better, fixing issues, writing docs, and having a generally good open-source time. New [...]

You, Me, and STP
Posted by Dylan in Events

Here at Sauce Labs, the more observant of you have probably noticed we have kind of a 'thing' for testing. You might even say we're obsessed with it. So it was a no-brainer for us to become a Gold Sponsor of STP, the Software Test Professionals conference, which this year is in San Diego, California. But we're not just sponsoring and staying away, like an absentee parent dispatching a child to [...]

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