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Saucers off to Conferences in the EU
Posted by Bill McGee in Events

It's conference season! Saucers are off to a handful of conferences in the EU. If you're attending, make sure to look out for them, they'll be wearing Sauce t shirts and our new saucy Converse sneakers! :D Check the Sauce Labs Twitter account to hear about what they're up to. And make sure to check our Lanyrd profile to see all the events we're headed to. Here are the European conferences we'll [...]

Win a Ticket to SmartDevCon in Poland!
Posted by Bill McGee in Events

We're sponsoring SmartDevCon in Poland this year, which is only a couple weeks away! We're so excited for this conference that we decided to give away two free tickets to the event! To enter, all you have to do is tweet us @saucelabs your most hilarious public automated job before 9/5. The two people with the funniest jobs will each win a ticket to the conference. Jonathan and Berni will be [...]

Guess the Worst Browser and Win Our Hot Sauce!
Posted by Bill McGee in Events

We've been having some fun poking around the large amount of data we have, and thought it'd be great to bring everybody in on the fun. By looking at metadata on the over 50 million tests run on Sauce, we can see which browsers cause the most errors. Sometimes errors we see are caused by connectivity issues or bugs in code. But sometimes, those errors are caused by the browser itself crashing. [...]

Come to Our Automated Mobile Testing Online Workshop Series!
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumEvents

We’re organizing a two-part mobile testing online workshop series, and you’re invited to join! Jonathan Lipps, Architect and Lead Contributor of Appium and Senior Software Developer at Sauce Labs, will lead both one-hour sessions and will help you get testing your mobile app in no time. Just register for the sessions you’d like to attend via the links below. Both are free [...]

Mobile Testing with Appium Talks in Baltimore & Washington, DC
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumEventsUncategorized

Appium maven Jonathan Lipps will be on the East Coast next week, and he'll be giving talks on using Appium on Sauce for automated mobile testing at the Baltimore Mobile Meetup and the DC Selenium Meetup. If you're in the Baltimore area, join him Tues. 7/16 at 6PM at HQ. Or if you're in the DC area, swing by the DC Selenium meetup Wed. 7/17 at 7PM in Arlington. Not able to make it [...]

Jonathan Lipps at the Google I/O Chrome Mobile Summit
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumEvents

Last month, we attended Google I/O, and Appium maestro Jonathan Lipps spoke on the Chrome mobile summit on the Tools and Testing panel. The panel included Brian LeRoux, Anton Kovalyov, Yehuda Katz, Pavel Feldman as well as Jonathan. Topics discussed included challenges for mobile testing and what browser dev tools need. Check out the video from the panel!

Appium Hackathon #2 at Rackspace
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumEvents

We're hosting another Appium hackathon and workshop with Rackspace! After a successful first hackathon, we decided to organize another event, hosted again at the San Francisco Rackspace office. Join us Monday, July 1st, from 3PM-6PM at Rackspace HQ. This time, we're going to have two tracks: one workshop track where beginners can come and get their app running with Appium, and an advanced track [...]

Keep up with Sauce Events with Our New Lanyrd Team Page
Posted by Bill McGee in EventsUncategorized

So, we go to a lot of events. Whether they're meetups, conferences, happy hours, or hackathons, we love getting out of the office and meeting the dev community in person. To make it easy to see which conferences and events different team members will be at, we've got an awesome new Lanyrd team page. Lanyrd is an great conference directory, and we're excited to have a new team page on it, so you [...]

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