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Continuous Testing in Practice [WEBINAR]
Posted by Bill McGee in Continuous TestingWebinars

As web and mobile application software increases in complexity, the number and frequency of tests grows exponentially. But managing your tests with sub-optimal continuous integration (CI) workflows can lead to bottlenecks, delays, and lost developer productivity. In our next webinar, Continuous Testing in Practice, Ophir Prusak from BlazeMeter and Abhijit Pendyal from Sauce Labs will show you [...]

Continuous Testing In Practice
Posted by Bill McGee in Continuous Testing

Cloud-based load testing service BlazeMeter released a white paper that discussed continuous testing last week. The ‘Continuous Testing’ platform leverages cloud and open source technology to bring better testing for DevOps and Agile practices enabling shorter release cycles with higher quality releases. You might not normally consider back-end load testing as part of a continuous [...]

DZone: Guide To Continuous Delivery [DOWNLOAD]
Posted by Bill McGee in Continuous DeliveryContinuous TestingNews & Product Updates

We are very excited to be a research partner for DZone’s Guide to Continuous Delivery, a premium resource focused on continuous integration and DevOps management trends, strategies, and tools. Readers of the guide will get an overview of continuous delivery practices and how continuous delivery affects many aspects of an organization. This guide includes: Articles written by continuous [...]

Automated Testing News: Link Round-Up
Posted by Bill McGee in AutomationContinuous TestingSelenium

Happy Friday! Here’s a quick round-up of some pieces on automated testing, why functional and performance testing should be done simultaneously, the case for Continuous Testing in the Cloud,  how to take your career to the next level, QTP/UFT VS Selenium, and what the top 10 tools were this week on Stackshare.  See below for snippets and links to the full articles.   Continuous Testing in [...]

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