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[Live Panel] Mobile Testing with Appium: Recap
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumMobileMobile Development & Testing

‘Appy Tuesday! As you may remember, battled-tested Appium 1.0 [Orion] was released on May 2 right here at Sauce Labs HQ. Following the release, we held a live panel-style webinar with core Appium committers Jonathan Lipps, Matthew Edwards, and Dan Cuellar so that they could answer questions about Appium’s philosophy, the roadmap ahead, best practices for automating mobile tests, and [...]

[Live Panel] Mobile Testing with Appium
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumWebinars

As we know from the survey we conducted early this year, mobile testing is incredibly prominent in the QA world. To support this growing field, we've heavily invested in the open source project Appium; the leading cross-platform framework for testing hybrid and native mobile applications. Used by organizations large and small, including Expedia and Gilt Groupe, Appium provides a [...]

Appium 1.0 [Orion] and Appium Inspector on OSX Mavericks Demo [VIDEO]
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumVideos

'Appy Monday! Our friend Shantikant Jagtap just released a comprehensive post highlighting the Appium 1.0 [Orion] launch, new Appium features, how to download Appium, and how to use it with the OSX app on Mavericks and Appium Inspector. Be sure to check out the post here and watch the video demo below, which highlights how to use the Appium OSX [...]

The State of Mobile Testing in 2014 (INFOGRAPHIC)
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumMobile Development & Testing

In early 2014, Sauce Labs conducted a survey to learn more about the state of mobile testing. We've highlighted our findings in the fun infographic below. We don't know about you, but some of our favorite take-aways from those surveyed are: 95% are performing mobile tests in order to solve common developer and QA issues. 81% are performing functional tests. 78% believe it's valuable to [...]

Oh, Appy Day! Appium 1.0 is Here
Posted by Jonathan Lipps in AppiumNews & Product Updates

Today we're excited to celebrate the Appium team's imminent release of Appium 1.0. Appium 1.0, in addition to providing new features, increased stability, and Appium's very own client libraries, stands as a milestone in the history of this amazing open source project (which was recognized as one of the most promising new open source projects of 2013). After a year and a half of hard work from a [...]

You're Invited: Appium 1.0 Launch Party! RSVP Today
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumEvents

Sauce Labs is thrilled to announce we’re sponsoring and hosting the Appium 1.0 launch party at our new San Francisco office on Friday, May 2, from 7-10 PM! Sauce Labs’ own Jonathan Lipps, chief architect of Appium, will be releasing Appium 1.0 at the party. We’ll celebrate with food, refreshments and merriment – and if you’re an Appium or mobile enthusiast, we want [...]

Non-ASCII Characters in Appium, Part 1
Posted by Isaac Murchie in AppiumMobile Development & Testing

English is not the only language in the world. This should not be news. It should also not be news that people would like to test their apps with input from different languages. The good news is that both main mobile environments, iOS and Android, and their emulators, can handle Unicode text internally. Unfortunately, the mobile device emulators generally don't play well with input of characters [...]

Bleacher Report Uses Appium by Sauce to Achieve "Olympic Quality" Results to Win at QA Testing (VIDEO)
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumVideos

It’s an Olympic year, and Bleacher Report gets the gold when it comes to QA mobile testing. Winning! Bleacher Report is a digital media company that delivers engaging content to sports fans all over the world. With more than half of their traffic coming from mobile devices, the team knew they needed to find a way to automatically test their mobile apps and mobile web experience. So they [...]

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