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Try Making It Smaller - It's The Agile Way
Posted by Greg Sypolt in AgileAutomationContinuous IntegrationGuest Blog Posts

Agile is a must for development shops. Agile is a mature, iterative, collaborative methodology that breaks the development process down into shorter sprints. At its core, Agile development is about small iterations, test automation and a continuous integration pipeline. Waterfall Was Created For a Perfect World, But We Don't Live In One Agile is a reaction to the slower, sequential approach known [...]

Testing From A Different Point Of View
Posted by Ashley Hunsberger in AgileGuest Blog Posts

A little over a year ago, my team was facing a problem. Without an automated regression and our team size reduced, how could we make sure that we had a good release? Although we certainly did testing within our teams, we just didn’t have the manpower to thoroughly check. We started using an untapped resource in our testing — one that I had not heard about before. The concept was not new to the [...]

Why Manual Testing Helps Your Release
Posted by Ashley Hunsberger in AgileBest PracticesGuest Blog PostsSoftware Development & Testing

Will we ever truly be at 100% automation?  I hope not. Of course automation is critical in implementing Continuous Integration and Delivery, but there are just some things that you can't leave to a machine. Human evaluation is important. In a world where we are looking to release faster and faster, why would we want manual testing?  Let's take a look at some of the things you may want [...]

An Efficient Release Made is a Penny Earned
Posted by Greg Sypolt in AgileBest PracticesGuest Blog Posts

Introduction Everyone wants to save money and deliver faster, right? Even so, you would be surprised how many software development organizations still do not practice continuous integration. They still depend heavily on expensive manual testing. Is your software development organization ready to change, to deliver faster with built-in quality and fewer meetings to boost productivity? Without [...]

[Webinar] Test Automation Newbie? Robot Framework Will Save the Day!
Posted by Bill McGee in AgileAutomationWebinars

You're a tester on an Agile development team. You're drowning in regression tests and limiting your team's velocity. You know you need to automate those tests, ideally on multiple browsers. You know you can't do it without a test automation framework. If you’re responsible for creating diverse, scalable automated tests but don’t have the time, budget, or a skilled-enough team to [...]

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