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Recap: Easy Continuous Deployment You Can Trust (Webinar)

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our recent webinar, "Easy Continuous Deployment You Can Trust", featuring Solano Labs Founding Engineer, Brian Kendzior, and Sauce Labs Solutions Architect, Neil Manvar. In their presentation, Brian and Neil demonstrated a continuous deployment release process that used Solano CI, Sauce Labs, and AWS CodePipeline. The release process [...]

3 Simple Strategies to Get Started With Automation

If your test automation team’s directive is to automate X amount of tests, and you have no strategy as to which tests they should focus on, you are wasting your time. Before you begin writing your first line of automation code, make sure you have a strategy in place. Otherwise, you will have a ton of ineffective tests to maintain. Don’t Choose a Random Goal How many times have you [...]

A Two-Minute BDD Overview
Posted by Ashley Hunsberger in AgileBest PracticesGuest Blog PostsSoftware Development & Testing

Behavior Driven Development, or BDD, can help get your teams building the RIGHT product. Although I’ve heard the term used interchangeably with Test Driven Development (TDD), I personally see it as an extension of TDD to help your team focus on the business’ goals. While TDD provides tests that drive development, those tests may or may not be helping you meet those goals. The WHY [...]

Changing Development Culture to Become Quality Focused

How many project teams have you worked on where the accepted culture was to rely on the QA members to bear the load for quality? As the leader of a QA meetup, I still constantly hear stories from my members about developers’ assumptions that it is QA’s responsibility to find bugs. Not only is this attitude demoralizing for QA, it is also not in the best interest of the team. How can a [...]

Planning Quality Architecture for 2020
Posted by Greg Sypolt in AgileBest PracticesGuest Blog PostsQuality Engineering

I was inspired by Denali Lumma (@denalilumma) when she delivered a glimpse of the future in her talk about 2020 testing at the Selenium 2015 conference. The session was an excellent introduction that compared many scenarios of the minority testing elite versus the more common development team. The elite companies consider infrastructure FIRST, and the majority thinks about infrastructure LAST. It [...]

Re-Energize Your QA Career With Automation and DevOps

It’s time for you to stop being content with the status quo and re-energize your QA career with Automation and DevOps — otherwise, you might find yourself fading away like Marty McFly! I’m talking to YOU, manual tester! And YOU, QA manager! Oh, and YOU TOO, automation engineer! Every one of you who has a vested interest in your career growth needs to familiarize yourself with [...]

Drinking from the Firehose (Priming the Scrum Team and Pipeline)
Posted by Eric Jeanes in AgileBest PracticesGuest Blog Posts

Development teams always have plenty of work to do. Requests come from every direction, with all facets of the business requesting assistance with their projects. How does a team go about parsing, filtering, distilling, and prioritizing all of those requests into something actionable? A Scrum team typically consists of a Product owner, a Scrum Master, and anywhere from 3-9 team members. Each [...]

Why Does (Story) Size Matter?

When writing a user story, you need to think more like Dr. Seuss than Stephen King. You want user stories to be easily consumable, like Green Eggs and Ham. You don’t want a user story on the level of Under the Dome. If you discover your story’s duration will span more than one sprint, your story is too big. But I Love Long Stories! If you are a reader like me, you love to become [...]

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