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3 Things to Consider as You Adopt a Mobile Regression Testing Plan
Posted by Sauce Labs in MobileMobile Development & Testing

As testers who focus primarily on testing web and desktop applications, what is the difference between regression testing traditional web/desktop applications and mobile applications? The standard Wikipedia definition of regression testing is the process of testing changes to computer programs to make sure that the older programming still works with the new changes. Regression testing is a [...]

Microservices and Quality Assurance-Or, Software Testing in the Age of Docker
Posted by Chris Tozzi in AgileQuality Assurance

So you’ve decided to ride the Docker wave and refactor your application to a microservices architecture—or, perhaps, to rebuild it from the ground up to run as microservices. Good for you. As any DevOps engineer will tell you, today, microservices make software delivery more flexible, agile and speedy. But before refactoring or rebuilding your app under a microservices architecture [...]

Achieving Continuous Integration (CI) Excellence through Test Automation
Posted by Greg Sypolt in Continuous Integration

Achieving Continuous Integration (CI) excellence through the test automation role is evolving, and will be entirely different in the future. At Gannett - USA Today Network, where I work in a quality assurance role, the change has started by blurring the lines between Test Automation and DevOps. Let’s take a closer look at CI excellence by dividing it into three tiers: the practices, how to [...]

SauceCon 2017 Brings Testers Together for Three Days of Intense Learning
Posted by Rebecca Cramer in Events

Last week, we hosted the inaugural SauceCon, a three-day event filled with training, workshops, best practices, and visionary content from the leading minds in automated testing. The conference provided the opportunity for testers and QA folks from across the globe to come together and learn from each other about how they are using the Sauce Labs platform as well as Selenium and [...]

Emulators are Great, But Real-Device Tests Are Still Essential
Posted by Brena Monteiro in Mobile Development & Testing

Emulators have come far since the early days of software testing. Today, emulators work so well that you may wonder why you can’t use them for everything. Well, the reality is that, although emulators are a great tool for many situations, they’re no magic bullet. There are cases where testing on real devices is just a better approach. In this post, I explain why you can’t always [...]

Appium 1.6.5 Released on Sauce Labs
Posted by Isaac Murchie in AppiumAppium ResourcesMobileNews & Product Updates

We're happy to announce that Appium 1.6.5 has been released to the community and to Sauce Labs! This version is only available for Emu/Sim at the moment, not yet TestObject. Appium 1.6.5 fixes many issues and continues the trend to make more aspects of the automation process configurable. Here is an overview of the changes.  General Add --enable-heapdump server flag to turn on NodeJS [...]

SauceCon Speaker Profile: Shivani Sharma, Slack
Posted by Rebecca Cramer

This post first appeared on as part of our series highlighting speakers at SauceCon, which will take place June 6-8 in San Francisco. Just Say No to Flaky Tests: Releasing Code with Confidence Shivani Sharma doesn’t like anything flaky—unless it’s baked goods. Shivani is senior engineering manager at Slack, working on test automation for Slack’s iOS, Android [...]

Public or Private Cloud?
Should I Use Public or Private Mobile Clouds?
Posted by Justin Rohrman in Mobile Development & Testing

Software projects have a special way of creeping and taking over like a kudzu vine. A company might start making an iPad app that Doctors use to document their cases. Pretty soon, a new version of iOS comes out, and then two new versions of the iPad. Nurses are added to the user base 6 months later and they have a few different versions of the iPhone in mind. Supporting a couple of devices is no [...]

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